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Career Consulting Limited introduces Career Design: Career Services and Expert Careers Advice

This career consulting site brings you free access to competence enhancing and powerful performance management and career management information in this career design programme. Use the menu buttons above to find what you need.

Choose the Job Performance sections, starting with Managing People or the Career Management pages from the navigation bar at the top of the page and you'll find lots of advice and information to help you build your competences and enhance your job performance - your workplace problems or issues are certain to be addressed.

This Career Consulting Limited site is dedicated to helping YOU and will provide all the help and assistance you need to find individual or business success.

Use the navigation above or the Search Box at the foot of every page to find what you need.

If you are in a rush - maybe you have an interview coming up - check my interview tips for Interview Answers, CV & Resume layouts, pre-written Cover Letters plus my top Career Guide '7 Steps to Career Success' all in one instantly downloadable package.

If you are in doubt, then use the contact button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page and I'll do my best to help.

Career Consulting Limited - Job and Role Performance Enhancement:

Career Design Performance Management will provide you with the answers to stay on top of your role, get that promotion you wanted or simply give your career a boost. The simplest way to improve your prospects is to improve your Presentation Skills. Make a start here.

Start with the Managing People button above, you will learn how to build your leadership skills and enhance your most important competences; also create the agility and high performance you need in todays competitive market. Career Design will provide all the information you need. Your first decision is whether you want to work on your performance management and business or leadership skills or on your career management issues.

Career Design gives you either or both...

Career Design will help you to identify the most important competences for supreme role agility and high performance and will show you how you can develop them. The information provides personalised, targeted support and exercises for you to complete as well being there to answer all your questions. On-line information on these career design pages means you have the answers to questions whenever you need them.

Career Consulting Limited - Career Management for Career Success:

Career Design provides the answers for high performers wishing to maximise their potential through role change; others who are experiencing major change or restructuring or are affected by redundancy will benefit from the practical, real-time advice and support you will find throughout these pages.

What seem like difficult and different workplace issues arise almost every day for many of us; how you respond determines whether you are effective and fulfilled or nervous and depressed. This Career Design site aims to help you to understand the essential core competences that high performers will display. When you know what high-performers do consciously, you can see whether you need to improve. It also allows you to model their behaviour, by emulating their actions you find your competence grows...

By identifying the issues for you we empower you to create immediate and sustainable improvements that mean you feel more competent and your accomplishments then speak for you.

Most day to day issues you may have to contend with will arise from within a range of everyday activities that we are expected to be competent with. Yet many of us could do with improving our knowledge and skills in these areas.

Question for you - Are there any areas of your everyday job responsibilities that you recognise are giving you difficulties, or are causing extra work for you. Perhaps these areas are simply where you would like to see if you could improve?

To help you recognise the issues and areas you might need to focus on we will describe a number of frequently arising situations. Look at each one of them - what does it mean to you? Does it raise a question in your mind about your knowledge or response? Can you positively say that you know what to do, or that you really understand what's needed?

This site will provide you with immediate access to the answers and guidance that you may need in any situation or that may arise at any time.

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London School of Business and Finance (blog)

Employment rate remains at a high, Labour Force Survey shows
London School of Business and Finance (blog)
The employment rate in the UK continues to be at a high at 74.8 per cent, according to the Labour Force Survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Figures showed that the number of employed people increased between November 2016 and ...


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Taking care of a loved one can be expensive, but a new study also says it can cause turmoil for the caregiver's professional life as well. (Photo: iStock). The cost to a caregiver of providing for a loved one's needs is high — and not just in money.

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SFPD Launches Summer Programs For Youth
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-Community Safety Initiative (CSI): This collaborative program partners SFPD with Mo' Magic to offer summer jobs to underserved youth. The goal is to provide young people with an overview of a diverse field of careers. Employment opportunities range ...

Fox 59

Job, jobs and more jobs coming to Central Indiana for tech experts and teens
Fox 59
Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology and next-generation services. Now the company will call Indianapolis home to its first Technology and Innovation Hub. Infosys plans to create up to 2,000 new, high-skilled jobs by the end of 2021 ...

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Securing a last-minute summer internship, 3 ways how
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Employee or dependent contractor?
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